Searching Through The Memories

A poignant story on the immediate aftermath of knife crime. I enjoyed reading it and I’m sure you would too. Violence in any form is something I simply abhor, and knife crime has taken too many young lives, lives that need not be cut short so cruelly.


Tolu woke from sleep with his wits out-of-place, physically bereft of strength. The corners of his mouth were stained with dried saliva. Usually impulse would have prompted him to wipe the crust from the edges of his lips, but Tolu’s impulses were inoperative. Squinting his right eye, Tolu struggled to adjust to the lighting in the room. Somewhere in the background, a rhythmical beeping sound occurred continuously, which was becoming increasingly frustrating. Tolu wished to speak but a soreness ravaged through the back of his throat, the pain discombobulating his senses. “Mmm…” the groans escaping through his lips as he failed an attempt to get the right words out. “Try to keep still and I’ll let the doctor know you’re awake.” The voice gentle and kind yet unfamiliar. The unknown person left the room.

Tolu’s vision gradually improved, though his eyes felt heavy as they adjusted to the settings of…

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